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Wikipedia], because of his ability to find talent San Diego Union Tribune first dubbed Leon Youngblood Sr as "A Music Maverick" as told by Wikipedia encyclopedia Leon Derrick Youngblood (b. November 27, 1963 in Newark, New Jersey) is an American music manager and is president of his son's "Roccstars" thriving entertainment company.

Leon Derrick Youngblood SR,, recently took a client who had been trying to get signed to a label for nearly 20 years, and within 90 days under Leon's direction the client signed his recording contract and is touring all over the world and enjoying a smash single with T-Pai and has written and performed with the biggest artist in the world. "All my life I wanted to make it in the music industry, the first indication that Leon Youngblood was the right person was his acheivements, for crying out loud look at what he did for his son "Roccstar" he also worked for Michael Jackson's label and being best friends with its president was enough for me, there is no better or more trustworthy person on the planet than Leon Youngblood SR when it comes to the music business" he does exactly what he says he will do" S.W

With over 40 of the top music producers in the country working with him Leon Youngblood Sr, can get the best songs written and produced by the best producers in the world, Don D, is a time platinum music producer who works with everyone from Drake to Rhianna, Jason Derulo and the list goes on, "once everyone found out I was working with Leon people started blowing up my phone for projects. Very few people can be trusted ,I only work with one business partner and that's Leon Youngblood SR." Don D, 15-Time Platinum music producer-

Leon Derrick Youngblood Sr, accomplishments continues to grow: Leon is responsible for putting together the songs "California Dreamin" and "Shine" for raising Youtube star Matty B Raps. Leon coordinated and connected everyone together and put the music producers in place that created those amazing songs, "Mars" aka "Marshall" a relative of Matty B's has been a pivotal part of Matty B's success. "Matty B Raps is his own machine, and the world will realize how much of a role he will play in music. His team has amassed over 4 billion Youtube views and counting, people are paying attention, his father and family are rock solid foundations for this kid." Youngblood was quoted as saying

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Leon Youngblood Sr, in the studio with his son Leon "Roccstarr" Youngblood Jr /

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sealing a song deal for "On Fifth" girls group


Leon Youngblood Sr, was selected to work on putting together the music producers for the great Maya Angelou. Oprah as a matter of record called Maya her adopted mother, Maya Angelou is the greatest female poetess who ever lived. The last project she did before she passed away in 2014 was a Hip Hop Album. Leon Youngblood Sr was selected and did find the music producers for her illustrious final project. "Maya's project was one of the best projects I have ever been apart of, and that's saying a lot since I have been apart of projects that have sold millions upon millions of records" Maya Angelou signed off on the project and was able to hear it prior to her passing.

Here is the video for Maya Angelou:

Leon Youngblood Sr is an incredible businessman, he is part owner in the electric car technology. This technology has been valued at 3 billion dollars. We can take any car, truck, van or Rv in the world and convert it by dropping the engine, fuel tank and transmission, we can put our technology into anyone's car and it will get a minimum of 1,500 to 5,000 miles on one charge. Leon Youngblood's article appeared on the front page of the Wall Street Journal Select.

Leon is currently the president of his son's Leon "Roccstar" Youngblood's company, Roccstar with the help of his father Roccstar has become one of the biggest music producers in the world. "I thought I was connected in this business, however my son, has everyone on speed dial, no one in the music industry is off limits, we work with everybody". The people that God brings my way are a blessing to me, because it's rare for me to do business with someone who is not connected in the business.

Leon Youngblood Sr has been credited with bringing music executive from all over the country to come to San Diego. Leon is considered the pioneer for San Diego making it a mecca for record executives to find talent. Leon was not always in music he supported his family as a very successful manager and then executive who originally worked for Pacific Bell and then transitioned to AT&T. Behind Leon Youngblood's efforts he generated a staggering 192 million dollars for the multi-billion dollar corporation. Leon was responsible for launching and marketing all the call features we all use today such as call waiting, three-way calling, call forwarding and so on.

Leon is a 5 time Presidential Award Winner for being one of the top producers in the company. His music career got a big boost when George Varga of the San Diego Union Tribune did a three page article on Leon's talent showcases.03-16-94 This article by the San Diego Union Tribune launched his career as a music executive, manager and talent scout. He is the former owner of Stagestar Promotions which was based in San Diego, he received a proclamation from Honorable Mayor Susan Golding making May 19 Stagestar Promotions Day, Leon Youngblood was honored with his own day for serving the under-served in the community and helping ex-gang members and at risk youth become employed in music, film and television.

He also received a letter of praise from Sgt Joe Woods, for his work in helping those who are at risk and providing an alternative outlet and positive direction for them


Leon Youngblood SR giving an interview outside of Roccstar's mansion in the Bentley

Leon works with music icon Gerald Greenberg as well as Atlantic Records, Sony, he also worked with Maani Edwards former VP Publishing Universal Music Group. Leon Youngblood, invited Randy Jackson (who was an executive at Columbia Records prior to his American Idol days) to come to his showcase along with Motown Records, Virgin Records, Jive Records, Def Jam, and several other major labels. Randy stated that the event which was held at San Diego's Symphony Hall was incredible and that Leon really knows how find find talent and the venue was the best he has ever been too. " One of my artist kept a rejection letter from Randy Jackson before his American Idol fame, and because it was from Randy Jackson back in his pre-Idol days, people were trying to buy the letter from her..strange things happen when people become famous"-Leon Youngblood-


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Leon Youngblood SR coordinated the music producers who put together the great Maya Angelou's final album

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