We are pleased to announce that Leon Youngblood has partnered with Maani Edwards who is responsible for signing rapper 50 cents, Swizz Beats, Julez Santana, Jim Jones, Amerie, and numerous other stars to publishing deals. In addition to joining forces with Maani Leon has linked up with one of the most powerful reality show and movie producers in the business. Thus giving us access to walk any idea directly into network executives. " This is a million times better than an agent, because the people in my camp can walk projects into network executives, as a matter of fact many of our friends run the industry. I am looking forward to having my movie "The CastOffs" completed, and in movie theaters in December or the early part of Jan depending on what movies we are competing with" Youngblood stated...Maani is a tremendous resource for any music producer or songwriter, we can get their songs directly to the hundreds of artist we have access to. We are constantly working on deals which keeps things interesting and exciting. We look forward to being able to get some of these great ideas people have for movies, films and reality shows directly to the networks. People who are undiscovered have better ideas for movies, film and television in my opinon. They have fresh ideas and are not bogged down with the same creative people day in and day out. We now have a complete company, able to reach out to any record label, and bring any deal to the table whether its publishing, or setting an investor up with his own label and worldwide distribution deal. We look forward to the future, with several projects going we are looking to help as many talented people as possible. We have no less than 6 reality shows in the pipeline and just as many movie projects. For all new projects please contact content manager

Maani Edwards seen pictured with "Diddy"

Diddy pic

Maani Edwards and Diddy

Leon youngblood

"Music Maverick" Leon Youngblood