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Leon Youngblood an American Music Manager as told by Wikipedia was first credited with bringing record labels to San Diego, he was also given a day in his honor for all his acheivements. Mayor Susan Golding made May 19th Leon Youngblood Day, he has been the only record company manager to ever receive that honor in San Diego. Leon also works very closely with some of the biggest music icons in the business. San Diego Union Tribune report give him the name "Music Maverick" and featured Leon Youngblood in a three page article. Leon was also the first person to bring American Idol's Randy Jackson to San Diego to judge his showcase, so before Randy became a big star he came to judge Leon's talent show cases. Leon continues to work in music, film and television. He is considered one of the most creative people in music,film and television with his film "The Castoffs" due out around Christmas, this film will change the world" Leon's son is music mega star Roccstarr, CEO OF RoccAge Entertainment. "The second happiest day of my life is when my son made it in the music business, everybody wants him for his writing and production skills, a day in his life is like being at the Grammy's he is always with big name artist who want to work with him". Leon also was asked by Dan Powell executive of the Dave Chappelle show to come up with an unlimited amount of skits in an attempt to try and have material in case Dave did not return to the show, of course Dave never returned, but to Youngblood the thrill was being considered good enough to have his material put on the Dave Chappelle Show. Youngblood has access to literally everyone on any of our wish list. Especially if your business is trying to get your material to the networks, Leon and Mrs Fischer his business partner for network projects can grant immediate access to hopefuls who have great ideas for reality shows and movies. Leon works closely with Maani Edwards former VP of Universal Music Publishing, and other executives.

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